Keynote speech

Professor Hsiao-Lin Tuan

Graduate Institute of Science Education, National Changhua University of Education , Taiwan

Dr. Hsiao-Lin Tuan is current a Distinguished professor of Graduate Institute of Science Education, National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan. She received her PhD from University of Georgia. Her research focuses on science teachers’ professional development, inquiry-based teaching, science learning motivation, and low achievers’ learning. She has been directing a project which focused on equipping more than 400 science teachers’ inquiry-based teaching competency in Taiwan during past four years.

Professor Izumi Imai
Chemistry Education, Toho University, Japan

Dr. Izumi Imai is a professor of Chemistry Education, Toho University, Japan. He received a PhD from Tokyo Gakugei University. The keywords in his research are teaching aid development and chemistry education curriculum. The main research projects are “The Development and Evaluation of Interdisciplinary Chemistry Education Programs on Colors” and “Building Context-Based Learning Programs for Secondary School Chemistry.” He received in 2018 the Chemical Society of Japan Award for Merits for Chemical Education for “Contribution to Secondary School Chemistry Education through Chemical Experiments”.

Professor Jeonghee Nam

Chemistry Education, Pusan National University, Korea

Dr. Jeonghee Nam is current a professor of Chemistry Education, Pusan National University, South Korean. She received a PhD from Korea National University of Education. Her major interest focuses on the area of argumentation and teacher professional development. Main research projects are ‘Development of Science Writing Heuristic and Argumentation-based Science Instruction Model and Systematic Implementation’ and ‘Development and Construction of a Sustainable Implementation System of Collaborative Mentoring Program for Professional Development of Science Teachers’ Teaching Practice. She is Director of Centre for Science Teaching and Learning.

Panel Discussion

The activities of International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements in Asian


Prof. Mei-Hung Chiu


National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan / IUPAC Executive Committe

Prof. Masahiro Kamata


Tokyo Gakugei University, Japan

Prof. Dae-Hong Jeong


Seoul National University, Korea

Prof. Ting-Kueh Soon


Institut Kimia Malaysia, Malaysia